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Friday, September 5, 2014

Mountain Language

It seems everyone has their own language now days. We have ours too and its called mountain language. The photo above looks like fog....NOPE. When you live at 9,750' elevation it is actually clouds that have drifted in. We discovered this when we first moved here as we hiked to the top of the mountain we live on and while on top of the mountain we were probably having crackers and cheese with a little wine sitting on top of the mountain when we actually saw the clouds drop down and move right into the mountain. We were on top in the sunshine and our house below us was in the clouds.
So we don't say it is foggy outside because it is actually cloudy outside. Often like today there are particles of moisture drifting around in the cloud. The other half of this is saying "the clouds are rising" as they lift and move away. Or like a weather forecaster for Accu weather used to say this is a Maidenform cloud (he actually said Maidenform fog)  It will lift and separate in two hours...
Today is one of those days where we are in the clouds. I went down to the front gate to pick up a package and when I was 1000-1500' lower in elevation I could look up and see where the clouds met the mountain...and when in it the view was just like the photo above...

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