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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


 Doesn't seem like almost 10 years ago that Junior was using our home as a home base. He would come around and sleep just outside the back yard fence when he wore himself out chasing the does constantly. He would come to the fence and stand there until he got our attention and when he did he would lay down and go right to sleep. Sometimes he would sleep for hours and we could come and go and he would lay right there and sleep. He would do this for several months until the snow would get too deep and then he would head down the mountain for better feed grounds.

He was a best friend and would walk up to me and follow me around through out the day. Here in this photo he looks dead but he was just sound asleep knowing we would look out for him. He is gone now but we sure had a special relationship when he was alive. We sure miss him and his constant presence at our home. He adopted us and spent most of his life right here at our home. He would wander off at times but always came back. Sure miss our Junior.


Bruce said...

Comment by Pat: Junior’s is such a sweet story…

Bruce said...

Comment by Raylene: I remember your wonderful Junior stories. It’s nice to have it reaffirmed to me that humans can have relationships with “wild” animals. I have a somewhat Zen relationship with “my” deer neighbors----I talk to them in a soft voice and I do believe they try to understand----they seem to realize the spirit of what you say to them. I use a gentle voice with my birds. It works the same way with babies and small children. Doesn’t it make you feel to good when you have those encounters?