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Friday, October 3, 2014


 We have a wolf refuge not to far from our home and make the long drive every once and a while to visit the wolves. These are wolves who someone thought they could raise as domesticated canines only to find out that doesn't change the wolf in them. Then they try to dispose of the wolf or turn it over to a shelter because they can't handle it. That happened to me many years ago when a military friend asked me to take a 'Siberian Husky' that his brother had brought down from Alaska with him and he ended up with the 'dog '.
I took the animal but it had different characteristics than a domestic dog would possess. For instance its eyes were yellow and it had a strong dominance trait. It would burrow in the back yard even though we kept it inside. Other dogs were prey to it and it took a very controlled hand to control it. Large feet and while it bonded to me it did not care for other family members. In fact it even tried to kill me one time and was subdued. This refuge near us takes in animals like this and lets them live their lives in natural surroundings where they can roam but still be confined.
We sponsored one wolf named Lucas. Lucas was the alpha male and pack leader but not by dominance. Lucas loved and cared for the rest of the pack and led by the power of his enormous love. Even when Lucas became old not a challenger attempted to take over the pack as alpha wolf because they were unable to love the rest of the pack as much as Lucas.
That speaks highly of admirable leadership qualities. What if our leaders led because they loved us more than anyone else could. The pack leaders wanted Lucas to be alpha wolf because of his tremendous capacity to love. Lucas was a one of a kind wolf but maybe we could learn something from Lucas if we tried.
As to the wolf I inherited, I was the only one who could handle her and she was so smart she learned commands in 30 minutes. We ended up having to send her to a very large farm where she could roam and live out her life as a wolf. While she would mind me she did not like my ex wife at all. (that should have been my first clue). She was also dangerous to have around small children unless I was present. It is best to leave a wolf to be a wolf and if you want a pet find a domesticated dog. It is hard to take the wolf out of a wolf but I must admit that she was an obedient and loving girl towards me. Establishing yourself as an alpha male over a wolf is extremely hard. Our vet said she was far more wolf than dog and maybe all wolf. It is unfair to cross breed these magnificent animals. But in Lucas' case I believe he has much to teach us humans about leadership and communal living..

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