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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Start Of Winter

 While I was out yesterday shoveling a pathway through the 3" of fresh snow without thinking I was tossing it as far out as possible. That is just something that I do automatically so at the end of winter we don't have the snow banks closing in on us. As I was shoveling off our walkway I was thinking how it seemed like I had just done this recently. We had received 1" of snow last Friday and then on Monday another 3" but that wasn't what made it seem so recent.
I came into the house and paged back in my day planner where I keep track of the annual snowfall and found that on May 13, 2014, we had received 12" of snow. I counted back and that was a total of five months of Spring, Summer and Fall seasons crammed into 5 months time frame. That means our winters are 7 months long. We get into the habit of dealing with winter here in the mountains but often forget how long it actually is. That leaves only a little time to get our 9-11 cords of firewood in for the next long winter. It also leave a little time to enjoy outdoor activity without coats and boots. It may sound like a long winter - which it is - but I wouldn't trade it for any other place. The summers are glorious and spring and fall while short are equally great. So for the followers of this blog - plan on lots of snow photos over the next 7 months.  

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