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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Amazing Memory

 I had put one feeder out for the mountain chickadee's but the one in the photos I had not hung up yet. As I was filling it with sun flower seed I noted several of the chickadee's were perched on the railing watching me. As soon (and I mean as soon) as my hand started to leave it they were all over the hook and feeder. As usual they each took only one seed and flew off. Orderly and polite.
Their behavior indicates that they remembered this particular feeder from last winter. The other tubular feeder has been up for a few weeks now but I just decided to put this one up. These birds are amazing and their behavior is educational to witness. We also have stellar jays which are similar to the blue jays up north and back east except these are cobalt blue and bigger. The stellar jays will fly in and light under the feeder and then the chickadee's will drop several seeds for them too. I don't thing there is a selfish feather on these chickadee's. So much to learn from our feathered friends and four legged fur friends if we only take the time to stop and watch.


Bruce said...

Comment by Pat: That's a cute feeder -- is it squirrel proof?

Bruce said...

I don't know Pat because when a squirrel comes around the chickadee's do the same as they do for the stellar jays. They drop seeds down to the squirrel so none have eve shown an inclination to go after the feeder. We had a potter make it for us.