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Friday, December 12, 2014

Deer Connections

The trail camera captured a photo of a deer we believe is the adopted daughter of Daisy, Juniors mother and a pretty special deer. I have written about both Junior and Daisy previously and both were very special and taught us a great deal about deer. Daisy adopted 'Daughter' when she was a small fawn and had broke her left front leg at the knee. Her biological mom kept driving her off and we witnessed as Daisy went after the biological mom and served as surrogate mother of the fawn and protector. If any other deer came near that fawn Daisy would rise up and give them a whack that sent them running. We watched as Daisy cared for that fawn until its leg was healed and it grew into adulthood. The injury left its left leg slightly larger at the knee area than its right leg and 'daughter' has remained around our home ever since. Daisy has now passed on but her adopted daughter who would have died had it not been for Daisy lives on.

Two days ago I was cutting up a downed tree in back of the house and here comes daughter walking briskly past me. She was only 6-8' away and stopped momentarily where I was working. Her action made me look back and here is a large 8 point buck clearly looking for a little mid afternoon loving. He too has been hanging around for the summer, fall and now into the winter. Once I sized up the situation I told him if 'Daughter' wasn't willing to leave her alone. He looked me right in the eyes and turned abruptly not 8' from where I was standing and headed up the hill and Daughter moved off in the other direction.

I don't know if deer understand or not or if that was coincidence but I have been talking to the deer so many years and the responses have been so consistent that I think there is some connection there. Just like our dogs understand nearly every word we speak to them I believe deer are more than capable of a similar understanding. I thought it was interesting that Daughter led him right to where I was working and stopped adjacent to me. He may well catch up with Daughter elsewhere but for that day he just walked away and left her alone in peace.

It is these small pleasures in life that keep life interesting.  Often Daughter will be laying down and I will go by where she is at and she will not move. I believe between us there is a connection that is unique and wonderful. I remember how Junior would make small mewing sounds when I would rub his nose or feed him an apple. Life can be exciting if we just look in the right places.

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