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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Wise Observation by Sakoieta

Some of the best ideas that people have developed get ruined because they believe they have to turn it into an organization, set up councils and committees to run it all. If they do they lose the common touch and the organization will turn into catchy phrases, graphics or initials that identify it. Committees will spend their time having lunches and talking about promotions rather than quality of product. People lose sight of quality and excellent service as they try to squeeze out more hours, more money, and more product that no longer is what it once was. Watch out for titles, power and wretched little people who want recognition with as little work as possible. Come down off it. Do good service, make a good product that is not the chicken soup of the day made from chemical flavorings. We need to do everything with the motto, "I can be trusted." It will amaze us what it can do to keep quality consistent.

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