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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Echo's Sebaceous Cyst Removal - Poor Boy

Our boy Echo had four sebaceous cysts removed by our Vet yesterday. He is looking a little disoriented here wondering how he got to go for a nice Jeep ride in the morning and in the afternoon he is back home and not sure how it all happened. This is his second go around having cysts removed and the Vet says some dogs just seem to get them and others don't. If they are not removed and the dog can lick them they become infected pretty fast and grow large. We watch him carefully for their presence and unfortunately one had been licked and had gotten pretty large. When dogs have thick undercoats it is sometimes hard to detect them. He is in a collar that goes around his neck and is suppose to keep him from licking his stitches. We will see if it works. Today he is back to his old self except for the limits the collar.
The above is a cyst on a dog with little under fur.  The cyst is easier to find when the family member doesn't have thick underfur. I had checked Echo very carefully before going to the vet and when there we found two more which were undetected in his thick underfur. While I was waiting for the anesthesia to kick in I went over him again and found two more which means he doesn't need to go back any time soon. The Vet reconfirmed that Echo is clearly a high maintenance guy and I wouldn't even try to dispute that. He is at the Vet's more than our other two combined. If you have fur family check them for these cysts as they can get infected in a couple days if not removed. 


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