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Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Today the weather person says we are to get up to 12" of snow and it won't warm up past the 20 degrees it currently is. I was cooking cowboy breakfast outside and Mr. Bunny sat under this tree the entire time I was making breakfast. We had a conversation about the pending snow that is forecast and when I brought breakfast inside he was scrunched up even more. I told him the area around the wood stove is nice and warm in case he is interested but I don't know if he will take advantage of the warm or not. He was only about 15' away and never moved except to look at me every once and a while. 

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Bruce said...

Comment by Raylene:
Good size bunny, that one—probably puffed up to stay warm! It has been snowing pretty steadily since 9:30 this morning---we were supposed to get rain! I suspect the kids will have an early dismissal---they had 4 days off last week due to freezing rain each morning…..and winter is just starting.