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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Silence A Therapy by Sakoieta

Silence. This one word to some brings to mind the scariest thoughts possible while to others it is a welcome relief and others yet, a sign of hope. Not everything we do has to include words or talk. I have witnessed some of the strongest acts a human is capable of just by watching people at times, being totally silent but getting things done. I remember the one young man in China standing in front of the tanks in Tiananmen square. Didn’t say any thing but by his standing silent and refusing to move such action became noteworthy to where the whole world witnessed his action. I often remember being able to sit with some of our Elder members of society when they were in hospital. Many times not saying a word only having them grab my hand and sitting in this manner for several hours. Then later having people mention to me how important those visits were to their parents and jokingly mentioning to them, "but I never said a word to them" and being told "just that you took the time to come and sit meant the world." The silence often in ceremony. Sweats where few words were spoken, totally dark inside the lodge where in silence we worked with ourselves to be able to enter the outside world again with a renewed mind body and spirit. Silence when we attend the passing of someone, not having to say a word to anyone but just being there in silence lending support and many other different ways. Silence can be the greatest teacher, teaching us self-control, courage, endurance, patience and helping us maintain our own self-respect and dignity. Silence...just by at times standing in support for something and not having to say anything, demonstrates the greatest strength in the world. Standing strong and letting peace do it’s work.

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Carol said...

silence is one of the great things about living where we cars, sirens, yelling, etc. very good writing, Sakoieta.