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Friday, February 27, 2015


We got a foot of snow Monday/Tuesday and another foot overnight...and still coming down. These are for those of you who love snow pics!! They are taken from the deck of our woodshed.


Snowcrash said...

Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing! My wife and I just purchased a little over 5 acres near the top of Popp Rd. and we drove by on the way back to our homestead in the El Morro / El Malpias national forest after visiting family in Colorado Springs. We have lived offgrid for about 4 years now. Because I have been a professional mechanic, an Avionics technician for the U.S. Army, and have worked in construction our transition to offgrid living has been at least logistically fairly simple. The labor required to accomplish the tasks were not easy as I am a disabled Veteran with multiple spinal injuries. Regardless we have thrived and would never go back to rural living.
Thanks again for your pictures and this blog. It has almost completely removed our anxiety about relocating and we are now excited to get moved. We hope to meet you some day and are looking forward to establishing a relationship with the community.
Best Regards, Daniel, Bonnie, and baby Athena Anthony. :)

Bruce said...

It would be nice to meet you both too. Our son retired from the Army a couple years ago and he was in Avionics too. He flew Chinooks for 23 years. Next time you pass through - if you are close perhaps we can meet over a cup of coffee...