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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Winter In The Mountains

Winter in the mountains is pretty consistent from year to year. We may get more or less snow but the way it happens is consistent. It can be 50 degrees one day and below zero the next. It can be nice and pleasant outside when we go to bed and we will wake up to a foot or more of snow. Weather forecasters are frequently wrong in trying to predict mountain weather. We brace for a major storm and get nothing or we expect nice weather and get significant snowfall.
What is consistent is following the snow we usually get windy conditions that drifts and blows the snow in various places. After we initially clear the snow over the next few days we are clearing it again due to the wind. In the winter moving snow out of the way seems like a never ending process. Coupled with our fluctuating temperatures which put a crust on the snow we can't afford not to keep pushing it back frequently. Failure to keep it pushed back can result in being slowly closed in by snow storms. Some piles of snow will get to 8' deep or more.
What is consistent is the snow happening and the wind that moves it around where it has to be moved again. Wind in the mountains is ever present and something that we are reconciled to deal with.

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