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Monday, March 23, 2015

Signs Of Spring On Our Homestead

 Almost on cue the signs of spring show themselves when spring officially starts according to the experts. The day after spring the rainbows appear on the ceiling, chipmunks mysteriously appear, the birds reveal spring is here too. On the first day of spring we see our first robin, the gross beaks suddenly start to gather in a flock where as before they were either in pairs or single. We see an occasional insect buzzing around and most of all the snow starts to melt. We still have two feet of snow on the ground but a week ago we had four feet.
 The prism and cut glass trinket we have hanging in the triangular window in the front of our house starts to radiate rainbows on the ceiling around the first day of spring. It was right on time this year and clearly in the mountains we officially have spring. The rainbows were precisely on time this year as in past years. We don't need a calendar or astronomer to tell us when spring officially starts - we have our prism and cut glass forecaster. Our house is perfectly situated so when spring officially starts our forecaster tells us hanging in the front window.  
As we near summer this prism will have hundreds of rainbows floating all over the ceiling and it is mesmerizing to sit and watch them move around in their brilliance. It is SPRING now at our home..

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