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Sunday, April 5, 2015


Hello! My name is Bozwell McElmurray and I'm the oldest boy in our family. I'll be 8 years old next month and I love my family and our lives together. I originally came from the mid-west and my family there didn't take care of me and so I learned to open the back gate and let myself out. I thought it would be better to be on my own than live where I wasn't wanted. They didn't even look for me for a month and a half. I didn't get to be on my own long as I was picked up by animal control. I wasn't really suited for street life at nine months old and put up with a lot of abuse on the streets and was scared all the time. Living on the street in a big city was scary with all the vehicles and people yelling at me, not to mention I was always hungry and felt alone. I had an accident while I was on my own where I have a very long scar on my foot to show for it. I'm glad I am safe with my forever family now.

I was put in an animal shelter that was killing others like me but they kept changing my name and moving me around to save me. Finally some guy with a large truck came and picked me up and drove me all the way to Colorado where I went to a nice rescue. My new parents picked me up there 2-3 days later and life has been really good since then. My new forever family treats me like a king and I love it here and I love them. I miss my older sister Gypsy sometimes as she and I were very close but she got real old and died. I do miss her sometimes though.

When I was on the street I got giardia but that was cured with medicine. I was also pretty weak and even had to have help getting into the back of the Jeep when I went to live with my new family. My mom and dad thought I had allergies to something that kept me itching a lot. They tried different foods, allergy medicine, and a lot of other things.They had some expensive allergy tests done and actually I'm not allergic to anything but just get anxious some time so I itch. It wasn't a bad deal though when they were trying all those different foods because they were delicious.

Mom and dad tell me I'm the best boy ever and I know that is the highest compliment since I have seen the photo of one of the family called Ben who must have died before I came to live here.  I know how much they loved him and how smart they say he was. I know how much they loved him so if I'm the best boy ever that means a lot to me.  I love it when they tell me I'm the best boy ever and work hard to prove I am the best boy ever.

Life is very good here and the food is good too. I love my mom, dad, sister and younger brother. He was on his own too and the stories he tells me - all I can say is - wow - I didn't have it bad at all. I love it here and like my position as 'best boy ever'. Life is really good....and I love my family a lot.

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