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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Making Mistakes

Check out my latest blog about making a mistake at:

If you can avoid making a mistake by reading about someone else's mistake it can make life much easier. My mistake was costly and confusing Potting Mix with Potting Soil isn't hard to do so maybe this experience will help someone not make the same mistake.

Also, when buying either the mix or soil it can come with larvae or insect eggs in it. I have not had a problem with Miracle Grow mix over the years and will now stick with that brand. The organic aspect enticed me to go with the more expensive brand, with a mix of various soils, bat guano and other natural ingredients that would enhance plant growth. Perhaps I could call the mosquitos that hatched inside organic too. I consider the entire purchase a waste of money and while organic vegetables and fruit are one thing dirt is dirt (except when you need MIX) and I think I carried the organic aspect a little too far.

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Skip said...

Yes Bruce, mistakes can be costly. Learning from someone else's mistakes is a lot better than making them yourself. Some mistakes can cost you dearly and you have to pay for them the rest of your life. It's much better to make small mistakes and learn by them than big ones which can ruin your life. Seek knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.