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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Meet Echo

Hello!!! My name is Echo McElmurray and I love my forever family and love my home. My early history wasn't so good because I ended up being on my own in the countryside  where I nearly starved to death and was outside all the time. I love my new home as there is plenty to eat and I'm inside with mom, dad and my brother and sister all the time except for when we go for walks or I go out to go potty. Mom and dad are always with me when I go outside. I was real un- trusting and scared when my mom and dad adopted me. Now they have shown me that people are okay and it is just some people that I should beware of. This is a great place to live and dad even lets me snuggle with him at night when we sleep.

When dad picked me up at the shelter where I had been for a very long time I knew he would be my forever dad but he did not realize it yet. I was fed by a farmer for a while before I 'playfully' went after his chickens and he took me to the shelter. They told me I had over stayed my welcome and they were going to send me to a kill shelter unless they could find something else for me.

That is where dad came in because he worked for a rescue that specialized in my breed. When he picked me up to take me to the rescue I was so embarrassed because I had feces on my tail and was so dirty. I didn't think anyone could look at me and love me. He did but he took me to the rescue anyway. When people would come to see if they wanted to adopt me I would turn my back on them and they would adopt another dog. Finally when dad realized I was ready for their home he came back to get me. I was beside myself with pure joy. It has been a wonderful experience living here ever since and I couldn't be happier. I was number four but my old sister Gypsy died of old age and I really miss her.

Dad says I am 5-6 years old but let me tell you to me it doesn't matter to me. I have a FAMILY and I love living where I do. That rough start I had in life is just a long ago past memory and I'm loving it in the here and now. My doctor says I'm a high maintenance because I occasionally get neck spasms from an injury I had when I was on my own. Some people can be mean and hurt you if you are not careful. Mom and dad give me a special medicine when that happens and the pain goes away. I also have skin problems and have had several cysts surgically removed. I don't care for that much but I know it is for my own good so I let the doctor take them off. I also have pannus which is an eye problem that can cause blindness if not treated but dad puts special eye drops in my eyes and mom and dad bought me a pair of Doggles to wear to protect my eyes. I think I look pretty cool with those Doggles. High maintenance - I don't know about that but my doctor always calls me by my first name. She is really nice to me so I do go to see her a lot.

I love my forever family and especially my dad because he loved me when I was dirty with poop all over me and very distrusting. He constantly tells me I am a good boy and how much he loves me. Same with mom. Bozwell is the best boy and that is just fine with me as I like being good boy. I try to be by dad's side every moment of the day to show my love too. I don't know about this high maintenance stuff though....I feel pretty normal but I guess I need to think about that a little. I LOVE my family and I LOVE my forever home. Dad told me the lady at the Subway also calls herself Echo and that there is a park named after me. Makes me feel special.....

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Anonymous said...

Dear Echo you sound so sweet and I am so happy that you have a forever home, not all people are cruel..I know that your forever home will take real good care of you, and you are a good good boy, congrats upon getting a wonderful forever home..Love this blog, it almost made me cry, why can't human beings know that animals esp. dogs have a soul and love, they need to be treated with respect, honor, kindness, food hydration, shelter and happy times..We only have kitteh cats here but I have found wandering dogs and took them to their owners who were so happy to have them back, one doggie in our neighborhood a huge shepherd german was not fed and hydration I called a rescued group and they came and got him and he was delivered eventually to a loving loving couple who took very good care of him his names was Rabbi and I visited him often..He lived a very very happy life..I love this blog and hope and pray all who read it can go to a shelter and rescue a dog and or kitteh cat and take good care of them..happy springtime Mr. Echo!!!!!!!!!