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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Meet Sarah - The Sweetest Girl Ever

Hello!!!! My name is Sarah McElmurray. I just came back from a short walk and my dad took my picture even though I'm pretty camera shy. I will be 11 years old this August and my folks tell me I'm not showing my age at all. When I was adopted I was scared of just about everything and very shy. In fact when I first met mom and dad I greeted them and then ran and hid under the porch. I didn't want to do that because what if they didn't like me and adopted someone else. Not much to worry about because they immediately loved me and have loved me ever since. I'm doing much better now days. My mom and dad have really made my self esteem better and helped me overcome my fears and I'm now what they call a normal loving girl. They say I'm the sweetest and most gentle girl they have ever known. I think they are right because I try to get along with everyone. I even come out to greet visitors now and I am not scared any more.

I had a scare a couple years ago where I suddenly went blind but I was one of the very few ever recorded who had their sight restored again. Mom and dad and my doctor all said it was miracle. They said I had SARD's which is non reversible and non treatable. Mom and dad say I was cured because of all the people I don't even know who were praying for me. It was a miracle I'm sure because suddenly I was blind and a few weeks later I could see again. My doctor and the eye specialist said my condition was not reversible and couldn't explain how it happened that I recovered my sight.  I love my mom and dad and two brothers.

I also have vagus nerve spasm but since mom and dad have helped me not be so scared anymore that doesn't happen any more. When I would get a spasm I couldn't breathe but mom and dad knew how to calm me down and I would then be able to breathe again. Now that was pretty scary when I had one of those spasms.

My mom and dad have worked with me over the years and I'm glad I was rescued when I was four years old. My first mom and dad seemed nice but my first dad was going to shoot my sister and myself for playing with a calf. My first mom and dad weren't very nice to my sister and I and I am glad to live with our present family. My now family treat me like a queen and spoils me rotten but I don't take advantage of it but I sure enjoy it. Even my two brothers are good to me and we play and get along well together. I'm so happy now and I love my family. One of my favorite things to do is lay on the plush rug in the mud room where the sun shines on me. It feels good just to lay in the sun and not have any worries. Life is very good for me now...

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Isschade said...

Oh Bruce... how very beautiful ! My oldest is over 11 and failing slowly. My heart cries for her every day because I know that one day soon she'll be going to the Rainbow Bridge and leaving my side.

Thank you for your beautiful picture and writing.

Huggs, Becca