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Friday, April 17, 2015

Much Needed Moisture

 No surprise if you live in the mountains to wake up this time of year to a foot of snow. We assumed that summer was here but that is not the case. Last snow was 3/25, and most of the accumulation of snow had already melted. Perhaps that was the shortest spring, summer and fall on record.
 This is a wet and heavy snow with the temperatures at 17 degrees from the 60's we have been experiencing the past several weeks. The moisture is very welcome to mitigate our wildfire hazard.
Yesterday I was out raking up the pieces of bark and debris from getting our firewood in for next winter. Little did I realize as I was raking it up that next winter could come later the same day. We are actually grateful for this snow as it provides the needed moisture we need through out the rest of the year. This will melt off in no time and before I can get the tractor heated up to start and move it out of the way. At least it isn't the 72" of snow we received one year that happened over two days. Of course it could happen again since the weather prediction is for snow showers through Monday. If so we will deal with it again - it just takes longer to clear a path.


Bruce said...

By Jane: Wow! Good for you guys J and you’re right – definitely a need that has been met! We’re sure praying for rain here in Arizona – with all of the new people moving here, our water supplies just can’t be as plentiful as they need to be – blessings on you all and enjoy the cold while you can! Jane

Gypsy said...

Yes, any moisture is a help against a possibly very dry summer ahead. I love the photos - snow is beautiful until it gets sloppy & slushy.