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Monday, April 27, 2015

What A Difference A Day Makes

Yesterday most of the snow was melted except for a patch here and there. Check out the bottom photo of the same area today. This is exceptionally wet snow and the storm is far from over. It is still coming down fairly heavy. So far we have about 14" and this is clearly heart attack snow. I'm pretty strong and it is all I can do to lift one shovel full it is so heavy. The snow plow came down the road but getting from where we parked to the cleared road would present a problem. We would ride up on the heavy snow and become stuck as it lifts the vehicle up to where it loses traction. We will just have to wait for this to melt down as it clogs up the shoot of the snow thrower.

Yesterday I was sitting in this chair drinking a mug of water in my shirt sleeves after having cut up some down trees.

I guess this will ruin my grilling out today. Oh well, there will be other days soon enough.

And today things are much different - check out the top photo. 12 hours later and things are completely changed. We really need the moisture though.


Nadia Lynn Photography said...

We're heading out to our land the end of the week! I'm packing clothes and was wondering if the forecast for Fort Garland is pretty accurate or is there a more accurate place to look? In case you forgot we are a little lower in elevation than you guys :) Is there snow on our road?!? Send me a PM if you don't remember what road, lol, I don't want any creepy people stopping by!!! I'm really surprised to still see snow on your blog, LOL!

Bruce said...

Nadia: I usually go on the National Weather site for our weather. My wife uses Both seem pretty accurate. We now appear to be getting a total of about 17-18" and the storm is starting to move off but it is still snowing as I write this. Perhaps Ft. Garland weather would be more accurate for you since your road is at a lower elevation. I haven't been out but I expect there is snow on your road but it should be gone soon. The un-plowed portion of our road has been bare up until today and with temperatures warming up the rest of the week it will be bare or passable in a few days again. We sometimes get snow into May. I seem to recall your road is off Beekman before you get into the park so I think your road should be just fine. Enjoy your stay.....If you get up our way stop and say hello, we should be home.

Nadia Lynn Photography said...

Thanks! That seems more accurate since you can literally point to your location on the map :) National Forecast says a small chance for snow and thunder Friday night, but by Saturday highs in the 60's. We won't get there until Saturday at the earliest since it's a 16-ish hour drive so we should miss the snow. I think I'll pack my snow boot just in case!! I don't think we'll be up in Forbes Park without a day pass, but if you guys are passing by feel free to stop by!

Bruce said...

Will do.

Bruce said...

Wow! What difference a day makes most definitely! Stay warm Jane