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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Two Mountain ConsiderationsMos

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When people purchase property in the mountains it is usually when it is accessible in the summer or fall time. Then they are looking for a place to build their home and the beautiful vistas or land. Many do not consider that over the winter that same land had many feet of snow on it and where the run off goes when it melts. Check out the latest blog for some ideas on snow melt. As the photo shows our run off is sheet flow down our driveway. We have so many disappearing springs that they all can not be channeled off the driveway.

Also it is best to visit the mountains prior to a vacation or residence. Altitude sickness can be a real game changer for permanent living or temporary visits. Also a consideration if you plan to spend time at high elevation and it is best to know if you are prone to altitude sickness beforehand.  

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