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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Lessons From A Cowbird


What could the possible similarities be between the cowbird and human behavior be? The cowbird is referred to as a brood parasite because the mother cowbird will find and watch the nest of another species of bird and when that species is away she will lay her eggs in the nest. Often removing the host birds egg or eggs. If the host recognizes they are not her eggs and removes them the cowbird will come and destroy the hosts nest. Usually the host bird will then hatch the cowbird eggs and the cowbird eggs hatch earlier than most other birds and grow fast and bigger. Hence the cowbird chicks will demand food from the host often at the expense of the host species chicks. 

The similarity: How about people who are 3rd or 4th generation welfare recipients as I found when I worked in Ohio. They don't work, their parents don't work, the grandparents don't work etc. They have learned the more children they can produce for the next generation of welfare recipients the more money they can receive from the government. They expect that it is the duty of others to care for them and raise their children. When things don't go their way they throw a fit, riot and destroy and loot those around them that have worked and prospered. They get free cell phones, food stamps, free or low cost  housing, free medical care, welfare checks on a regular basis heating subsidies and a host of other government benefits. The other species work hard and pay taxes and often go without so these brood parasites can live easy with no effort required on their part.

Some people truly need these benefits but as I would take a walk on my lunch hour in Ohio I found that our office was surrounded by these type of neighborhoods. those who need a hand up to put their lives back together should get these benefits. This is about continuous generations who strictly live off the hard work of others. When you would stop and talk to residents they would be very proud that they were third or forth generation welfare recipients. They would be out sitting on porches or lawn chairs all the time and drinking beer and smoking cigarettes. After walking by their homes frequently they would recognize you as a regular and talk and open up about their life style. They would wonder why we chose to work when everything in life is free. That is one similarity between cowbirds and humans and I'll bet with a little thought more could be recognized. 


Margaret said...

Well said, Bruce!

Patricia M said...

Unfortunately this country seems to reward bad behavior and irresponsibility with freebies. I wonder what would happen if the government capped the benefits (regardless of how many children) and offered incentives to the poor for limiting the size of their families.