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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

New Bathroom Color

New revised bathroom!  We have been quite busy refreshing the house. When Carol decides something needs to be done it sometimes happens fast. A drive into Ft. Garland to the Post Commissary and the purchase of one gallon of interior paint, two paint brushes and a roll of masking tape. The living room wall and bathroom now enjoy a new coat of "Midsummer Dusk" Velspar paint and everything is suddenly different looking. The color is very close to southwest adobe color and with the stippling on the walls it does look close to adobe both in color and texture.

Crown molding is a cinch with left over lumber that was milled out last summer. Run it through the thickness planer and cut it however I want it. Put some Sedona Red stain on it and voila we have a nice finished bathroom. I do the crown moldings and Carol does the painting and the team of Bruce and Carol has a new looking house.


Patricia Irvin said...

Very nice... I wish you lived closer... you and Carol would be such good inspiration...

Jane said...

Very nice, you two! Great job! J Jane