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Friday, July 3, 2015

Goldenrod Crab Spider

I have never seen one of these spiders before but yesterday as I was walking out with some friends I happen to look down and there was this beautiful spider. The bottom photo is mine and the other I borrowed from
Goldenrod Crab spiders are able to change their color over a few days and will bite to protect themselves. They sit in the middle of a flower and wait for an unsuspecting insect to come to the flower and then they jump and grab the insect with those long front legs and bite and immobilize the insect. 
One friend said the bite is poisonous however I have been unable to verify that aspect. I thought it was a unique color and interesting. Sorry my photo is a little blurry but it was watching me closely and kept moving around that blade of grass to hide. 
I'm not a big fan of spiders but thought this one was so colorful and unique it would be nice to share. I had never seen one before.  

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Raylene said...

Don’t believe I have seen one either….will keep my eyes out while weeding. I am hoping to not see as many snakes here as at the other place---don’t mind snakes but knew a bite would not be a good thing.