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Tuesday, July 14, 2015


 When we looked out back this morning we saw (again) a mother deer with her twins. She brought them around hours after they had been born and I was out back for her to show them to me. When I first saw them they had no control over their legs and were trying to walk albeit awkwardly. They have grown some and were bounding around and exploring the area. It was good to see them again and the mother deer showed no alarm as I went out on the deck to get these far off photos.
This visit this morning reminds me of 17 years ago when another mother deer brought her twins around while I was working outside picking up branches. The two grown twins were males and a couple years later one showed up looking for some bird seed. I put some in a bucket and he walked up to me and started eating without hesitation from my hand. 

That turned out to be a long close relationship that lasted until he died of old age. I could not get other people to witness our relationship as if others were present he simply vanished. I miss him terribly and those times we spent together just sharing that closeness that can't be explained. I would rub his nose and pick ticks off him and he would make little mewing sounds. Today was a reminder of his mother when she brought him around to visit for a few hours while I worked outside and talked to them. 


Raylene said...

I talk to my cats all the time and I do not doubt that they get the gist of what I am saying—not the words but the inflection. They know several commands and are strongly bonded to me---nice to know someone else who is a believer

Bruce said...

Actually I base my opinion on fact. One of Juniors traveling companions was out back and it was close to hunting season. I told him to go get Junior and he turned and walked off. Three days later he came walking up to the house with Junior and his twin brother walking single file behind him. Another time I was running low on feed for Junior and told him to wait while I went into town for another bag. It is a two hour round trip and when I got back he was right there waiting. There are many other examples as well. Coincidence?? Maybe but spending 14 years with specific deer and multiple examples like those above tend to make be believe they are intelligent enough to understand much of what is said.