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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Scanning Fault Lines By Helicopter

When we were outside this morning we noted a helicopter fly over about a mile of two from our house. What made it different was that it was trailing a cone shaped object by cable with the large end of the mesh cone aimed toward the ground. We couldn't figure out what it was doing as it clearly wasn't anything hat could hold water. It looked like an upside mesh cone and we were hoping they were hunting down the crazies in our community to relocate them.

No such luck because when the tractor repairman was here checking out our tractor the helicopter came back with that upside cone hanging under it. He recognized what it was doing immediately as he once met a pilot who told him that rig was checking the depth of potential sub terrain faults that could shift to cause earthquakes. Its good to know they keep up on fault lines but sadly we are still stuck with the crazies in our community.


Skip said...

hat is very sad. I would pay to have a few redeposited somewhere else.

Gypsy said...

Interesting way to check fault lines in the earth. I wonder what the device is.

Bruce said...

I don't know Gypsy but the bottom had a large ring probably 20-30 across and my guess is it had a transponder that sent echo's down and then read them when they bounced back.