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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Life - by Sakoieta

Life is amazing, but how it affects us is determined by how we look at things that happen to us every day. If we look for beauty we will find it every day. If we only look for things to complain about we will find that too. We often forget the power of the two twins in the created order. More than anything this teaches us that life is not, nor ever will be, perfect. Even if, in our journey life has taken us through some rough roads and territory we would never have chosen for ourselves, there was something we needed to learn and that was the way we learned it. Sunflowers are good examples while the rest of the gardens need to be watered and struggle with the heat, sunflowers thrive on it and prove they can take the heat. Look for the beauty in all things and sooner or later that will be our out look every time we open our eyes

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