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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Truth by Sakoieta'

Truth. What does it even mean any more. So many people take what are known as truthful realities of life and either accept them or reject the ones they don’t like and then claim to have truth. Truth to live by, truth to share, truths to hold dear. We need to as peoples of the world get back to a point of really learning what truth is. That is what will keep us stable, knowledgeable, and what sets us free from all of the BS, deceit, and lies we hear each and every day, from people, leaders, media, education, institutions, etc. Without truth or searching for it we can be just as deceitful or dishonest as the ones who we avoid. Reason and logic are of the mind, but truth rises from our Spirit and if we refuse to renew or refresh the spirit, we get to where we seldom recognize truth. Other people cannot give us total truth. We have to find it for ourselves, to receive it, perceive it, and believe it. When we find it we need to hold it dear and stand strong in it. That is our stability for life and living, not the cheap fads or materialistic "False truths" that surround us daily

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