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Thursday, September 3, 2015

First Visit To The Doggy Doctor

That first visit for veterinarian care is important for several reasons. If the dog is a puppy it won't matter as much as if it is an adopted fur friend or one that is older. The first visit should be an easy one for the dog as that can set the stage for future visits. If on the first visit the veterinarian staff sticks a thermometer up the dogs butt that can set the tone for future visits. I refuse to let them take any of our dogs in a treatment room without either myself or Carol being present. If the first visit is a good one the rest of the visits will usually follow suit.

As an example our Bozwell got off to a good start and was easy to treat and examine until one time a vet tech manhandled him roughly to draw some blood for allergy testing. I told the tech not to muscle him but it was too late and the damage was imprinted on his mind and now when he goes to the vet he resists. It only takes one bad experience with a highly intelligent dog like the German Shepherd Dog breed to make future visits a miserable experience. Bozwell is now treated by a different vet and vet tech but he is still very cautious.

When the first visit - like today - with Bozley is nothing more than a meet and greet next time he goes in it will be easy for an exam and vaccinations or any treatment necessary. Our two vets are really excellent with our canine family and make a fuss over them and are gentle when they handle them. It is a chance for the furry family member to get to know the vet and their staff and the staff to get to know them in a welcoming and happy setting..

It may not sound like much to just acquaint the fur family member to the vet and their staff but it lays a favorable foundation for future visits. Consider the fact that adopted dogs  may have been manhandled at shelters by staff or vets that don't have time for getting the canines cooperation. Having a good relationship between your fur family and their vet and staff makes visits far more pleasurable and easier.

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