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Friday, September 18, 2015

Home Again

Heading out in a little while to pick up Carol who is returning from her conference in TX. Not only will I be glad to get her home but her recent travels have been nightmarish. One of her flights to visit her family were cancelled - Great Lakes - and she had to reschedule. American then charged her $338.00 to reschedule and her first leg to Chicago only gave her minutes to catch her second flight which she found out American cancelled. They did fly her to Buffalo NY which is only about 100 miles from where she paid to go. They refused her any compensation and I guess they felt proud that she ended up in the right country and state she wanted to go.
This trip  to TX went okay but when she went to return they charged her $40 for her carry on. The same airlines didn't charge her extra to carry on to go to Texas and they told her they were giving her a break as they normally charge $60. for carry on's. The guy behind her in line told her they always charge $40. and they clerk was lying to her.
Flying anymore is becoming a real hassle and very costly yet they claim they are making record profits. Me thinks that they need more regulation. I just hope she makes it home and doesn't end up at some remote airport where they don't speak English. Flying anymore is not as reliable as it used to be.
The above photo of Southwest is the only airlines Carol says she will ever fly again. No problem, no price gouging.

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