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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Unannounced Strangers On Our Deck

We just ordered a driveway sensor unit so no one will sneak up on us again. Yesterday I was sitting here working on my computer and listening to 50's music playing softly. I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye and there was a total stranger coming up on the deck. When the dogs heard what turned out to be two strangers come onto the  deck they all raced to the door barking. I put my computer aside and went to see who was out there. I was trying to pull the dogs back when the woman opened the door to talk to me and all four dogs charged outside. It turned into pandemonium as the husband of the woman had the gate open also coming onto the deck and there were more people gathered at the end of the driveway. The woman said "don't let your dogs out as my dog is in the car". She had opened the storm door to talk to me in the first place letting the dogs out before I could pull them back. 

It turned out to be a landowner who had brought people from the charity in Alamosa to check out the firewood I was holding for them. She had let them through the entrance gate into the community. The charity called a few days ago and told me that they would get our firewood next week but apparently she decided they needed to come by our house anyway. They ended up taking our firewood and then went to her lot to cut more firewood. 

I can't believe anyone would walk up to your door unannounced and then when they saw four German Shepherds agitated from their sudden presence on what is their deck then open the storm door and let them out and then say don't let them loose because her dog was in the car parked next to our house. 

Therefore we are buying a driveway sensor so no one will suddenly appear out of no where again and stir our dogs up. Fortunately no one was injured on our narrow deck with four large dogs checking everyone out. We are not used to having unannounced visitors and in the past 18 years have only had a handful of them. It won't happen again.... 


Jane said...

Wow and whew!!! GOOD for you, getting the sensors…..yea, you have to remember, people aren’t what or how they used to be….did you hear on the news about the guy at the gas station, filling up his car, doused a spider on the ground with gas and lit him up? ended up lighting the whole gas station up too! Like I said, people aren’t what or how they used to be……blessings on you all -- Jane

Carol said...

This product is really neat and works well. Detects when the trees blow around and the leaves fall!! LOL! There are many tunes that can alert us to movement...door bell, knock knock, happy birthday, we wish you a merry Christmas....and many more. We will enjoy having this, especially to know when folks are coming!