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Monday, November 23, 2015

Random Thoughts Of A Mountain Man

I have debated with myself for several months whether to do a series on some random thoughts from experience I have gained over my many years. On one hand I think it may be beneficial to some but then I think that people are so busy now days and consumed with their life activities that no one would care or be interested. I think I finally won the argument with myself and hence I now plan over the next several weeks or months do a series on 20 subjects. Character builders or reminders based upon my personal experiences.

When you achieve my age you have lived a lot of life and throughout that life you have gained insight and experience. It seems a shame to keep all these mistakes and learning experiences to myself. It is also very hard to sit down and write brief but comprehensive comments on subjects and experience so I plan to insert one occasionally over time.

The topics will include subjects on friendship, marriage, honor, integrity, honesty, children, love, truth, nature, pets, simplicity, true to self, faith, money, success, thanks, forgiveness, security, hate and wise sayings. I hope to start on the first one 'integrity' and hope to post it soon.

It seems to me (I could be wrong) that today adults don't talk to youngsters like in 'the day' and most of children's learning which used to be passed down is now learned off a smart phone or tablet. Hence the aspects that help build a child's character are obtained via the internet. The values they learn may not be the same that those who love them might impart to them. Those on the internet may not have the same values that would benefit a child and help them develop good character. Hence I plan to prepare the 20 topics like I were speaking to one of my own children for their growth. So watch out for future episodes.  


Pat said...

The good news is that our grandchildren are included in our adult conversations, as is our neighbor boy who might as well be a grandson... We talk to them like they understand, and you know what, THEY DO!!! And every now and then I hear my words coming back to me.

Once, when Brenden was learning to drive, but was a passenger with me, I was telling him how I watch the car ahead of the car in front of me... If that car puts its brake lights on, the car in front of me is going to do it, too -- and I'd like that extra second or two advance warning.

Then, one day, I heard Brenden talking to a friend, and he was saying, "I always watch the car ahead of the car in front of me..."

Felt mighty good to be a grandmother right then!

Carol said...

thumbs up, Pat. you are most fortunate to have a close relationship with your grands....having 2 of them nearby sure does help!! i bet that did warm your heart to hear Brenden say that!