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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Saving Trees

 Last November I was walking down the road a couple days after the grader went down the road. I heard the grader straining like it was stuck and as I went down the road there were large rocks ripped out of the ground and the road was torn up. It appeared that the operator may have missed the road and ended up in the ditch. Among all the rocks and dirt I saw the above little tree which had been ripped out of the ground and it appeared to be still alive. I brought the tree home and put it in some dirt and watered it down good. I then put the bucket in another larger bucket and packed saw dust around the smaller bucket. I have nursed it along all winter and it hung onto life. Today I took it out and found some rich soil and planted and watered it. I'm hoping it will continue to grow. Since trees only grow a few inches or during a good growth year maybe a foot I will never see it mature but hopefully someone will and it will give them shade and wind protection. I planted it in with some other trees (below) that I planted several years ago. Grow up and be impressive and strong little tree....

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