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Friday, April 15, 2016

Covenant Communities

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We have been living in a covenant landowners community for 19 years and have made certain observations during that time regarding associations. We have owned property in at least five different covenant communities. Rarely have they functioned as they were designed to do. Covenant communities sound good on paper but fail to take into account being governed by your neighbors.
Often neighbors do not have the temperament or experience to govern their neighbors and don't want to admit it hence causing friction. They also take any criticism or suggestions poorly and become very defensive.

I believe that covenant associations work for condos but not neighborhoods where people interact and don't like to give their neighbor power over them even though they are voted into office. Check out the blog and if you are thinking of living remote I would suggest that you first check out the community that you plan to live in if it is controlled by an association.


Skip said...

I read your article. It is very good and fits FP well. Skip

Bruce said...

It fits most covenant communities I think - at least the ones we have lived in. I have been a director for one and Carol has been a director for two. None have worked as designed probably due to the fact they are self governing and run by friends and neighbors.

Sakoieta said...

Many activities that we live in on reserves sound very much like this. One of the assessments I came to a conclusion with many years ago is the too many people don’t know or understand the difference between respecting people and addressing behaviors. The two are really completely different. People always need to be respected and feel like they are being respected as well in all things. Then if there are behaviors that need to be addressed, they have to be addressed respectfully out of compassion and caring for people being people. This is why we always believed in leadership in a community or anywhere has to come from a council of equals. One person cannot do this job. Then people who are involved really need to commit to a type of orientation that allows them to understand the need to separate caring, respect and friendliness for each other at all times and methods for dealing with behaviors that are inappropriate, unwelcome or negative to the rest of the community. I have found that people learning to communicate in respectful and caring manners went a long way in getting people working together, never issuing ultimatums and all being involved in acts or reconciliation and restoration with each other went a long ways in developing caring and thriving communities.

Bruce said...

Thank you my good friend and as always your wisdom shines through. Truer words have not been spoken on this subject. What you outline is accountability to leaders within the community. When there is accountability there is harmony and fairness to all. In our community our leaders like most HOA communities are an authority unto themselves to carry out their personal agendas and once elected throw the members under the bus (so to speak). If HOA's were set up as you clearly state where the leaders 'served' the members and everyone was treated respectfully and the leaders were accountable to the community and not just themselves then these type communities would be harmonious. Sadly with HOA's that is not the case and once elected those who govern are accountable to no one and serve themselves or their co-conspirators in spite of what they said before elected. In most of these communities there is zero respect and contention and bickering. Relationships are forever destroyed between friends, and people become estranged over silly partisan politics. HOA's look good on paper but in reality they fail miserably.

Patricia M said...

We currently live in an HOA controlled community. Like you said, it sounds good on paper. Fortunately, we don't have the problems your community does as our board seems to be comprised of sane people. However, even with an HOA, we still have neighbors who refuse to comply with the covenants. Outside of levying fines, there's little else that can be done. So, really, what's the point? Forbes Park and a lot of problem communities would fare better if they weren't self-governed. And as for the folks who miss big city conveniences, well, the writings on the wall, isn't it? They should move back to the city and not ruin it for everyone else.