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Friday, April 22, 2016

Some Tough Pea Plants

 These are some tough pea plants. They were buried under 49" of snow and after I shoveled them out they are laying on the dirt but alive. Green leaves and they have been buried now for one week. The other plants did not fare as good but these pea plants hung in there until I could get the snow off and they could get some sun. I was prepared to pull them out and start over again but they are much tougher than I thought.
 Below are some of the slush/ice/snow piles that I pushed as far as I could with the tractor and blade. Tomorrow I will hook up the front end loader and scoop them up and put them down hill where the run off will go into a ditch and not wash out the driveway. I should have known better than take the snow thrower off but once off it got buried and I can't get to it to put it on again.

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