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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Aspects Of Spring In The Mountains

 The real spring time is spring time.. Along our property there are springs that burst forth this time of year. They sometimes flow so hard that the water shoots up out of the ground a foot or more. One year they washed a trench in our driveway that was knee deep. I have since directed the water to  run under the driveway in a culvert but it still saturates the driveway keeping it very wet. Click on the photos for a larger version. The springs just started today and fortunately I was working outside when they burst forth and was able to channel the water to where it won't do any real damage.
 The water is channeled down the edge of the driveway to the opening of the culvert on top. The photo below is where it runs out and then down to the ditch along the road and on down the mountain.
 Below  is the hillside along where we park the vehicles. It washes out each year and there is no way to re-direct the water here so we channel it to the culvert. I also keep a thick layer of road base in this area so we don't sink to our knees in mud.
 The following two photos depict the aspen trees about to leaf out. Before the leaf appears there is a long fuzzy worm looking pod that sometimes gets to 3-4" long. They fall off and the leaf then forms.
 These fuzzy worm looking things cover the ground and get so thick that I need to rake them up or they get tracked inside.  Springtime is somewhat different here in the mountains.
Without even going to the other end of our property I know the two springs that run all year long are really pumping out the water now. Those springs come from deep in the ground and the springs that only run for a few weeks join with those springs to put out a very healthy amount of water.

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