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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Signs Of Spring

 I thought I would go out and roam our property today and see just how much damage winter caused to the trees. I had to wander in and out of remaining snow piles like this one which was approximately four feet deep. Where the sun hits they are mostly gone but many drifts remain.
 Our spring (above) is running well and will run harder as more snow melts up higher. Right now it is running about normal but soon it will really pour forth from the ground.
 Here is the view from our swing at the other end of the property and that drift in front of me is about four feet deep also. the photo below was taken of a different angle still sitting in the swing. We still have plenty of snow to melt before we can get into the woods and clean up blown over trees or those that lean against other trees. There was considerable damage this year due to the heavy late snows.

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