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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Little Hands Working Together

The charity from town came out today to get more firewood. It is always a surprise when they come because I never know who or how many will show up. Today Jasper and Vince brought a group from Denver. It was a Methodist youth group with 8 children ages 10-12 years old and their two adult chaperones. I had forgotten how it is to be around children this age it has been so long but these were truly great kids and hard workers. They were working in 85 degree heat and work they did. These kids did a job of rolling or carrying logs down and piling limbs for people in the valley that they don't know. Those people who will get this free firewood will have no idea some kids from Denver are the reason they are staying warm next winter.

One of the girls sided up to me and asked me "Do you know why the ghosts got on the elevator?" I said I didn't and she said "to raise their spirits". It was pretty much like that through the day..Kids are great - at least these kids were and they all worked well together. That should be about 7-8 cords of firewood so far this year. The children all worked pretty hard and I noted that when they left they were pretty spent. I told them that it made me feel good to see that they were walking and getting up from the ground just like I do. Same moaning and groaning. These kids came down from Denver to help people they did not know and they sure worked hard - their parents should be very proud of them. Tomorrow they will visit the Great Sand Dunes and I expect that they will be as tired if not more tired climbing the sand dunes. Every step you take in the dunes you go back a step so it is hot, exhausting and will wear even the most hearty person out.

We are glad to donate the firewood to those in need and it has been quite an experience to meet new people from different parts of the State plus work together with them. There are still a lot of good people in the world and thanks to the local charity many of them have come to visit and work with us.

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