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Monday, August 29, 2016


 I have not posted any photos or topics lately as when I was carrying the 40' ladder up to the house from the garage I tweaked my back. I was at one end of the very heavy ladder and Carol was on the other end and walking up hill trying to avoid rocks, uneven ground and lifting it up over a ledge I must have moved wrong and now lower back muscle spasms with every move. Hence I have not been out to photo anything to post or do anything other than sit in a recliner waiting for it to recover.
I can now sympathize with back suffers far more than before this happened. When I was 16 years old I fell off the bottom step and fractured a vertebrae in my lower back but that was not as painful as this muscle spasm. I hope to be back to normal soon and will resume posts.


zenme2 said...

At this stage of life if you have the money spend it do not risk your life your health doing things that are dangerous and can be avoided and live to enjoy and keep us informed about setbacks and accidents as I will be praying for you and yours

pigsmightfly said...

Hi Bruce I do sympathize with your predicament because I ruptured 2 thoracic discs and 2 lumbar discs 20+ years ago and even now if I move slightly the wrong way my whole spine goes into spasm and I just have to wait it out. If you are having trouble sleeping try lying on your back with a pillow under your knees because this takes the weight off your lumbar spine.
Do try to keep your lumbar spine covered and warm and take some analgesic pain relief for a few days should help. If not then you should probably visit your Doctor.

JennielynnfromMilton said...

Hi Bruce,

I am so sorry to hear of your pain and present difficulties. Please take the time to take it easy and to pamper yourself.

Feel better,

Jane said...

Hey, Bruce, I feel for you, as I lifted something too heavy and my back spasmed – went to chiropractor and that eventually didn’t help, but visited med dr who told me to ICE my back and to do CORE exercises to strengthen my core to support my back – sooooo after a month and no teaching Zumba classes , I’m finally able to bend over to reach for something…..

Will be praying for you to return to normal (if there is such a thing J) sooner than later – believe me, I FEEL your pain! Blessings on you and Carol - Jane