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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Firewood Strategy

 These are photos of the spar firewood we keep on hand for the winter after this coming winter. We usually burn between 9-11 cords of firewood and we have the woodshed full, and the rest stacked next to the woodshed. I calculate that we have around 13 cords of split ready to go firewood for this winter.
 This is a photo (above and below) of firewood we keep accessible for the winter after this next one. It is why I can get out back and start cutting and splitting firewood while the snow is still falling. If this is an average winter we will use 9-11 cords and I calculate this is about 6-7 cords. That will enable us to have our firewood in for the season after this without having to go cut more and drag, throw, roll or toss it out of the woods.
 This is extra firewood that is about 8' wide and 7' high. The saw buck is on the other side of this pile so all I have to do is pull it out and cut it to length - then roll the log splitter out of the tool shed and split it and toss it down to the woodshed. Voila' we have our firewood ready for the winter after this one. That enables us to cut and haul for the winter after that at our leisure throughout the summer. That way we don't have to rush getting the following season in and since we started at the far end of the property this represents the dead aspen trees from that area. Each year we work closer to the house so it is easier to gather firewood.
This is approximately 6-7 cords of ready to go firewood for this winter. The wood shed on the left side of the photo is full to the rafters and it holds about 6 cords. We should end up at the end of the season with 3-4 cords left and with what we have stored that will be the following winter supply. That firewood represents a lot of work and toil.

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