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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Accumulating Firewood To Give Away

We recently had very strong winds that blew down over 20 dead trees so we have been busy cutting them up to donate to a local charity that hands out firewood to those who can't afford it nor able to cut it themselves. While we are both still able bodied and can cut and haul firewood we will do so and put it at the end of our driveway for easy pick up by the charity. We are happy to rid ourselves of dead trees and the wildfire hazard they create and doubly happy that others can benefit from from it.


Gypsy said...

That looks like a heavy load. I'm sure someone is going to stay warm for a while because of it.

Bruce said...

Gypsy: That is only a fraction of what we have given the organization. Probably 24-25 cords of firewood so far.