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Monday, October 24, 2016


While I was fixing the dogs breakfast this morning I looked up and there outside the window about 12-15 feet away was a bobcat looking in at me. The above photo is from Google images as I was not able to get a picture from inside. The cat was probably 20 pounds and with much more fur than the one in the photo. We see tracks from them but rarely a sighting as they are pretty allusive. This one was just walking up the tractor trail watching me through the window like he was used to seeing people. Just a casual stroll past the window. He/she was beautiful and when I let the dogs out after they ate they never raised a nose so must not have smelled him at all. Unusual to have one that close to the house and just leisurely walk by a few feet away.

I called Carol to come see it but she was at the front window where a raptor had just flew up from the front yard. Since it was going away she could not tell what it was other than it was a big bird and not a raven. She did get to see the bobcat walk on down the trail. When we walk out our door we never know what we may find outside.

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