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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Limiting Senior Injuries

Check out the latest blog for Mother Earth News about how we seniors seem to incur injuries at the following link:


Isschade said...

AMEN AMEN ... I learned this FIRST HAND 2 weeks ago when I tripped and fell and dislocated my left elbow. NOT FUN... I'm in my mid 60s so I will be seeing my Chiropractor again ... SOON. While I only fell in leaves and "only" dislocated and didn't break anything ... one part of my body is now injured which throws EVERYTHING ELSE off kilter. It's incredible how the body tries to compensate.

BE SAFE OUT THERE !!! As you age, life keeps throwing curve balls atcha.


Anonymous said...

Spot on! This year I discovered that I can't move the slates in my yard to redo a small sitting area. I have moved them twice before...but not this year.