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Friday, November 4, 2016

Another Load Of Firewood

Nick from LaPuente just left and had a full load of firewood for those who will need it to stay warm this winter. I give them the dry wood that is ready to burn. I cut this load and put it next to the road for ease of loading. Nick had not cut a tree down so it wasn't hard to find a nice convenient tree for him to learn on. I told him how to do it and he did so perfectly. We then took a walk around the property for him  to get the lay of the land and survey the dead standing. These young people that volunteer for LaPuente have all been nice people and Nick is certainly no exception.

I'll be looking forward to working with him and Becca over the next few months  until he will move on and his replacement will arrive. For me it is just rewarding to know that what we have will go to good use and not just rot in place...

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