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Thursday, November 10, 2016

I See That Camera

 I see that camera - you can't fool me...
With the strong winds we have had this paper wasp nest was blown out of a tree and was laying on the ground abandoned.

We have found out that a child we sponsor in Honduras has dropped out of school at age 16 and gone to work. This was a child with hopes to be an industrial engineer and get himself and his mother out of poverty. Typical of so many children he had hopes and dreams but his father abandon his mother and himself and so they could make ends meet he went to work. I started to work at age 13, but was able to continue my education and work so I empathize with him.

We were able to sponsor him and the organization (Children's International) provided him dental care, health care, school supplies and shoes and clothing as well as personal hygiene items. Our donation was $25.00, a month and it was used wisely by the organization. I just went back and read his letters to us and he liked to play soccer and he played in his school band. It is doubtful that he will return to school and will now most likely work in a local factory. We are heart broken for him as he is such a good boy who now has been thrust into the work force to survive. He is like so many children that miss much of their childhood due to the environment they live in.

If readers can find it in their heart to  sponsor a child in a far away country you will find through correspondence with them that you will be rewarded greatly as they are so thankful for every little item they receive through the organization.

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