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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Day In The Mountains

 Christmas morning in the mountains. Electricity went out in the middle of the night during a blizzard with snow, 14 degrees and 20+ MPH wind. The first light revealed mountain beauty. Drifting snow and contoured snow drifts with icicles hanging down. 8" of fresh snow on the ground and power restored as it was off during the night.
 Winter beauty at its best and only right to share with others. More snow predicted for later today so we will be out clearing snow and probably collapse in bed tonight exhausted.
We just finished yesterday clearing snow from the last storm three days ago. It is best to keep up with clearing the snow because when it piles up one storm on top of another it tends to close in on us and it much harder to clear.
Happy Holidays to everyone.....


JO said...

Christmas wishes and this to me is Christmas at its best. Thank you for sharing

Jonathan Hedman said...

You did not say how you made out with the tractor. My only thought was did you run the tractor long enough when you put the treated fuel in to get it all the way through the fuel system. Hope all is well.

Bruce said...

Jon: I hope so. It warmed up and I burned as much of the fuel as possible and then put the new fuel into the tractor to mix with the little that was left in the tank. I then have used the tractor a couple times since so I'm hoping that will do it. With the additional snow I will probably start the tractor later today hopefully. The wind has been blowing 20 mph plus for the past two days and I haven't tried to use the tractor. It is just to miserable to have that blowing snow all over my clothes so I'll stick to shoveling until it stops. I have a blog on the diesel fuel fiasco that I plan to submit today to Mother Earth News and it should go live later this week. I'm told that I shouldn't have any more problems with the tractor now that I'm using the blend.

Bruce said...

Jon: It was down to single digit last night and only got up to 14 with wind today. I plugged in the block heater for 1 1/2 hrs and the tractor started right up with the new fuel. I cleared the driveway, in front of the garage and where we park our vehicles. Ran just fine so hopefully the problem is solved and we have learned how to avoid gelling. Thought you would want to know.