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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Diesel Fuel

New blog on diesel fuel can be found at:


Jonathan Hedman said...

Well I am glad you have a solution, its just aggravating when someone knows the data and often neglects to pass it one. I remember when working I had an issue with stainless steel fittings which we were trying to combat rust in underground vaults. No one told us about gauling, a condition where dry fit fitting would "weld themselves together". The solution was easy never dry fit and always use pipe dope with Teflon in the mix. Lost about $100 worth of fittings and spent a week calling people before I figured it out. No warning message when items were purchased, just assumed everyone knew. Your situation reminded me of that. Hope all is well with the right blend. by the way is it excessively expensive or just another option. We are just on the edge of a 8 to 18 inch storm here in Maine today.

Bruce said...

Jon: the situations do sound familiar. The winter blend was $20.00 for 10 gal. so not costly at all. So far it has worked but we haven't had sub -0- temps yet so hope the problem is resolved. Good luck with that storm... getting 18-24" storms here is not uncommon but we are used to dealing with lots of snow. Most we have ever received was 72 inches. That took a few days to dig out from.