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Monday, January 9, 2017

Mountain Weather

Just read on the World Journal in Walsenburg that the wind is so strong that I-25 is closed to commercial vehicles and high profile vehicles from Monument CO to the New Mexico state line. Winds are reported to be up to 80 mph and have blown several vehicles over. Wind is strong here too but not 80 mph yet. The temperature is 38 degrees currently and it is raining large drops. Trees are whipping around in the wind but these trees have been exposed to high winds before.

It is always a challenge to know where to trim limbs on the trees so they are not top heavy - where the wind will snap them off - but still high enough to protect us from a wildfire crowning in them.

Wind is always present during the winter time and it redistributes the snow we get. The ground is frozen so trees don't up-root but do break off at any weak spot. I'm sure we will lose a few trees in this strong wind and just hope they don't damage structures. We cut the trees back from structures but leave some close to protect the buildings from heavy wind damage.

The wind may be blowing 60-70 mph in the meadows but here in the trees it will be half that powerful thanks to the trees blocking the strength of the storm. Just another day in the mountains and it is not very safe being outside in the high wind. A tree branch hitting you at 30-40 mph can do some real damage. Even the snow stings and burns when you are blasted with it at this wind speed.

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