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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Preparing For Winter Storm

The National Weather Service out of Pueblo, CO. has issued winter storm warning for our area. They say wind will be 35 mph with stronger gusts and up to one foot of snow over the next two days. Temperatures will vary between the teen's and mid 20's.It is suppose to start sometime later tonight. We watch the weather closely especially since Carol has to go into town later today for a doctor's appointment.

Weather in the mountains is iffy to say the best so we do our own interpretation of the prediction which is generally more accurate based upon experience. Our prediction is that winds will be 35 mph or stronger with gusts that will shake the house. Snowfall will start when we least expect it and total accumulation will be 1-3 feet with drifting possible. temperatures will probably be as predicted as that is the one area they usually get right.

If I were to choose a career I would choose weather forecasting because it is the only profession which pays well and you can be consistently wrong and still keep your job. Computer forecasts are rarely right here in the mountains where the wind circles and swirls around our mountain. We have gotten 2 feet before and 4 miles from us they get 5".

A better way in the mountains is look out the window. If you can't see anything it is a blizzard. If the snow is going horizontal it is strong wind with snow. If the snow accumulates to half way up the door it is heavy snow storms. If the birds are fluffed up to twice their normal size it is very cold. If they haven't moved off the limb for two days it is severe cold. Sooner or later the sun will come out again and it will gradually warm up and the wind will die down. Then we go out with snow shovels and snow clearing gear.

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