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Thursday, January 19, 2017


This is what us old folks do when it is too windy to work outside. We play...Taken about 15 minutes ago going down our driveway - bob sled style. I groomed the driveway yesterday and last night the temperature dropped to 16 degrees and the wind blew all night with gusts to 30 + mph. That left us with a nicely frozen driveway that I suspect we got up to speeds of 20 mph on. With the wind still gusting and blowing it has a single digit wind chill so we don't stay out too long.

The snow bank that we usually careen off of at the end of the drive and across the road was chunks of ice so when we hit it we didn't go any further like usual.  With the wind blowing and the snow drifting we wanted to get out before the road equipment came down our road. They often take the snow off down to the gravel and that makes it hard to sled.

Probably sounds ridiculous that people our age zoom down a frozen driveway into a frozen snow bank but dang it is fun to do...

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