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Monday, February 27, 2017

Dealing With Mites

Here on our homestead we deal with pesky insects using products that are natural so they don't contaminate or poison us. When we have carpenter ants on the move we dust them around the house with DE or diatomaceous earth.

Diatoms are algae (see photo above)  that when they die have abrasive exteriors and have a negative charge. They are so fine that they are like baby powder and light and minute. Because of their negative charge they are attracted to positively charged mites and insects. Their hard and sharp edges then lacerate the hard bodies of insects and they die from dehydration.

Both myself and our German Shepherd Dog - Bozwell, are allergic to dust mites. We have found a product that works as well as DE that is liquid. It is sprayed onto carpet and bedding areas once a month where these microscopic mites dwell  and because it too has a negative charge it attaches to mites and carries the other inert ingredients to them. Both products are totally safe for humans and pets but when dusting areas with DE it is best to wear a face mask to filter out the free floating diatoms so they don't get inhaled.

We learned the hard way not to dust DE inside as it tends to float and constant dusting is needed. While it didn't harm either us or our dogs it is just too troublesome to use inside. We also use food grade DE just in case.

There are natural and effective ways to deal with pests and these two items seem to work well. We purchase our DE on line at and our allergy spray at

We prefer using natural products as opposed to the more toxic pesticides as we are uncertain how they may effect us or our loved fur family. These products apply natural science to resolve problems as opposed to chemical resolutions that may have adverse effects on our health. Dusting ants with DE one day and on day two there is no trace of them. Both myself and Bozwell are doing better with our allergies by a monthly application of the negative water solution. Both products work well.

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